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Kratos 1100 Double Sided Neodymium Combo Magnet Fishing Kit

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We placed our Kratos 1100 double sided fishing magnet into a basic kit for those who just need a Kratos magnet and rope. The Kratos 1100 double sided magnet is a great choice for those who magnet fish for extended periods of time because of its light weight. The multifunction design gives the magnet the mounting benefits of a single sided and a double sided fishing magnet. The eyebolt can be screwed in the side or the top of the magnet. Screwing the eyebolt into the top of the magnet provides a more powerful hold due to being perpendicular to the magnet material attached to it when pulled. Each side of the Kratos 1100 fishing magnet has a pull force of 550 lbs (1,100 lbs combined) and is perfect for those who prefer dragging the bottom of waterbodies.

🚨Threadlocker is recommended to secure bolt and is sold separately if needed🚨

All of our fishing magnets are engineered by and ISO 9001 standard to guarantee longevity and performance.

Kit Includes:

- 1 Kratos 1100 double sided magnet with two eyebolts

- 1 6mm Classic magnet fishing rope with carabiner (6mm in diameter and 65 feet in length)

Other uses:

- Scrap salvage

- Finding lost items

- Perfect for use in a workshop of any kind.

- Lifting items